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261114 / Ladies, Men


Fragrance of places they love - Lola James Harper candles are here! One takes you to Guitare shop on Denmark Street, another to Surf Shop of Stephane, the third to Comics store of George... 10 destinations to travel by scented candles! Every candle comes with a CD.

251114 / Ladies, Men

251114 / Ladies, Men

Write, draw and flourish at the office, at home and at the schoolyard with these awesome notebooks made in France on recycled papers. 96 pages, 3 different paper inside, A5 format, linen binding + 100 % recycled paper. Grrrr!

251114 / Ladies, Men

131114 / Ladies, Men


Hey, it looks like book store here! Just got two huge book deliveries. Here is the first title to introduce: Contemporary Menswear - The Insider's Guide to Independent Men's Fashion. An essential reference to more than 50 international designers, brands, stores, blogs and websites that have shaped independent men’s fashion over the last decade and will define its trends in the years ahead.

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Attention: Chocolate lovers!  Simply Chocolate is here again! From Copenhagen. Be fast, these goodies will fly out of the door as they did last X-mas!

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Hesarin Nyt-liite kertoi tänään jymyuutisemme: Avaamme yli 300 neliön X-mas Garagen Helsingin joulukadulla 1,5 viikon kuluttua. Täältä löydät stadin parhaat joululahjat, Brooklyn Cafen herkut, pingis-kipinän ja letkeän jouluboogien. Kimppakaupassa mukana meidän lisäksi yli 20 merkkiä: &Bros, Aarikka, Brooklyn Cafe, Desico, Eva Solo, Goodio Goods, Haldin, Helsinki Secondhand, Jalo Helsinki, Lapuan Kankurit, Levy Chocolate, Magisso, Onar Studios, Pelago Bicycle, R/H, Seletti, Tikau, Titi Madam, Victorinox,

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Do you remeber our X-MAS GARAGE in 2011? Well, this will be something much-much-more. +15 quality partners joining and collaborating. +300 square meters, ping-pong and the best X-mas secrets... in the heart of Helsinki. Stay tuned. We'll promise to keep you posted. #xmasgarage

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DADDY-O / O9-11-14

Hey, don't forget your super daddy! It's his day this Sunday. We collected some last days tips for you! All the gifts and yummies available at THE MEN store.

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