Finders keepers, losers weepers – that’s our family’s philosophy. We are here to energize Finland’s fashion scene and fight for boutique culture. And It’s all about passion and service - since 2008. We bring premium hand-picked fashion & life-style brands across the world to our customers and launch upcoming labels every season. From the day one we have collaborated criss-crossed with a top team of Finnish creativity – young artists & designers. Yes, there are many design awards in our funky vitrine and in addition… two bloody unique stores in Helsinki:


Our women’s store is in the sweet pot of contemporary and high-end designers. Bright colours, a lot of prints... Avantgarde black & edgy show pieces to build attitude. Managed by two crazy brunettes, Pauliina & Hannele.

The store is located at the Unicorn quarter of Helsinki downtown, just a view steps from sky-breaking Helsinki Cathedral. And what about the interior itself: rough concrete floor, geometric cutting & lines, big mirrors to show beauty and simplicity, pure as Nordics are. Designed by Joanna Laajisto. 


It was October 2011 when we opened THE MEN store and Sir Kangas got his own masculine universum. Men’s selection is about easy going quality. Surprising and honest combination of heritage collections & upcoming classics. Like Kurt Cobain, John F. Kennedy, Glenn O’Brien or Warren Ellis…

The men’s store has its view to Diana Park and its hunting goddess in the hipster heart of Design District Helsinki. Our men live around raw wood, granite, rusty road drain covers, water pipes and black sky. And the giant man figure on the window glass - designed by our “creative director” Linda Linko. 

Anyway…don’t expect anything too typical. And if you want hear more tales and stories about our 5 years’ history, please click here .